Keyword Research: The Backbone Of Your Content

When writing a post for your blog or an article for your website, proper use of keywords is a major factor in many different areas.  Have you laid out what keywords you need/want to use and where they will be placed throughout your piece?  Does your title include keyword/keywords?  Are you making use of long-tailed keywords?  How well your article will rank in search results; how easily will you be found? 

Once you have a ‘visitor’, will your article/blog stick in their mind? By this I mean when they think about your chosen subject matter, will your article come to mind?  Will they start to think of you as a ‘place to go’ for information in general?

Another idea (found in Wikipedia) is that the objective of keyword research is to generate terms that are highly relevant and further that keyword research involves brainstorming and the use of keyword research tools.  

SEO (search engine optimization) plays a key factor.  The question now becomes which SEO keyword research tool do you use?  My response would be Jaaxy, the best keyword research software I have seen in quite some time.  In my opinion, Jaaxy makes full use of top keyword research tools and combines them into an extremely competitive keyword tool.

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