Free Website?  Free Hosting?  Unlimited Support?

Today’s blog is for those aspiring to earn money online as an affiliate marketer.  There is a world of information out there; unfortunately, so much of that information is merely a ‘cover up’ to get you to purchase a product, book, software, etc. that is ‘guaranteed’ to make you successful in your endeavors.  All too often, the end result is that you spend money on some ‘how to’ product and someone else earns that money!

This is not to say everything out there is a sham; after all, I am an “affiliate marketer”, however I don’t believe in underhanded tactics to sell a useless product.  I go about my ‘business’ and dealings with others the same way that I, as a consumer, demand for myself.  As a marketer, I don’t try to sell or promote anything that I would not purchase myself; it goes against everything my parents taught me, it goes against caring for my fellow human being, it goes against me as a person.

There is an awesome place where you can get training and advice from marketers who are exceedingly successful.  You can even learn how to set up a website (a free site is provided, complete with hosting), get lessons on the basics and literally be walked through the entire process of getting set up online to actually make money!   I know, it sounds unreal (at least that’s what I thought when I first came across it).  Of course, there are also options to become a ‘premium’ member for a fee…but you don’t have to!  The choice is entirely yours; there is no ‘trial period’ only after which you have to pay….in fact, if you want, you can remain a ‘free’ member for as long as you wish!

Support?  You become a member of an amazing network of others out there trying to make it just like you; you will be treated ‘as one of the family’ in an amazingly large and far-reaching network community of marketers both large and small, highly successful to beginners.  The ‘powers that be’ take a very personal and helpful approach; you have your own ‘space’ to blog, you can set up a free website (provided) and get it going….they walk you through the entire process step-by-step and answer any and all questions. 

Personally, I am a current ‘premium’ member; the additional advantages were just too good to pass up and you know what?  I can also cancel any time I wish…..there is no ‘binding contract’ that keeps me prisoner like so many cell phone providers or fitness centers!

I truly wish I had known about this a long time ago, but then I would not have had anything to write about today…go ahead, please check it out and see for yourself…I can promise you will honestly be glad that you did.  

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